Friday, November 4, 2016

Liberal Party response to YSWC questions

Thank you for your letter regarding the Yukon Liberals’ platform on issues important to Yukoners.  I apologize for the lateness of our response – as you can imagine, it has been incredibly busy with requests from many stakeholders. It is very encouraging to see so many Yukoners and organizations engaged in getting the various Parties’ platform positions on issues that are important to them.
In our platform, “Be Heard”, we understand that child care, development and education from birth to age eight must be co-ordinated to maximize the benefits to our children.

A Yukon Liberal Government will:
·         research, develop and implement a Yukon Early Childhood Strategy (childcare, development and education), in consultation with early childhood education and health care professionals, parents and First Nation governments, in order to improve developmental and educational outcomes, and
·         create structures that close the gap in responsibility between the Departments of Health and Social Services and Education.
The strategy will be comprehensive and will include funding and availability of child care.
The issue of violence against women and girls is a top priority for the Yukon Liberals and our candidates; especially those who work or have worked in the justice system, like Jeanie Dendys.
A Yukon Liberal Government will:
  • participate fully with Canada’s Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls;
  • restructure the Prevention of Violence Against Aboriginal Women Fund to make funding more readily available to communities;
  • work with RCMP, First Nations, the Yukon Police Council and communities to identify ongoing policing priorities and the funding required to implement them;
  • expand crime prevention through an environmental design approach to all interested rural and remote communities;
  • develop alternative correctional therapeutic environments for individuals with disabilities, mental health or addictions problems, and
  • develop programs to assist victims of violent crime and sexual assault in Yukon.
The request for a sexual assault centre will be reviewed as part of the development of programs to assist victims of sexual assault. We plan to consult with stakeholders on these programs, will definitely include the sexual assault centre as part of that review and look forward to working more with your organization on finding the best solutions.
Affordable and accessible housing remains an issue in the Territory and the Yukon Liberals will take crucial steps to address housing security, housing for vulnerable Yukoners, initial purchase requirements and the ongoing costs associated with home ownership through enhanced low income housing options across the Territory.
A Yukon Liberal government will:
·         implement a community-based housing retrofit program to upgrade existing housing stock;
·         modernize the Government’s approach to the provision of social housing and collaborate with the private sector to develop strategies for program delivery which support community economic growth;
·         work with communities to create available developed land banks to keep land prices affordable;
·         prioritize federal funding towards the creation of affordable housing;
  • work with municipalities and First Nations governments to implement the Housing Action Plan, and
·         adopt a Housing First Strategy for vulnerable populations such as those affected by poverty, addictions or mental health problems.

You asked about core funding for NGOs providing much-needed services. The Yukon Liberals have no plans to discontinue any existing programs or funds.
Thank you again for your interest in our platform and especially for the work you do for Yukoners.

Sandy Silver