Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Have your say in the government consultations! This is a great opportunity for the public to share ideas and respond to questions that will inform the development of the national strategy

Thank you for signing on to the Dignity for All campaign! 

We know your organization is committed to ending poverty in Canada. Right now, there's an important opportunity for you to bring this goal one step closer to reality.

As a member of the Dignity for All community, we are asking your organization to join others calling for a strong anti-poverty plan that respects the rights and dignity of all people.

Here are three ways your organization can take action:
  1. Take a few minutes to sign our online form.
  2. Encourage each member of your Board and staff to sign-on.
  3. Send this form out to your organization’s membership, encouraging them to take action.
The public consultation process for the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS) will be open until June 30. Right now, we have an opportunity to ensure that the CPRS is strong, ensures accountability, and works to end the shocking rates of poverty in Canada. The Dignity for All campaign has long been calling for the government to develop a national plan, and now it’s happening! We need to continue insisting on a strategy that will make a difference.

Take action and sign on nowIt's your chance to be heard.

Thank you for being part of the movement to end poverty in Canada.    
Joe Gunn
Executive Director
Citizens for Public Justice
Leilani Farha
Executive Director
Canada Without Poverty