Thursday, October 5, 2017

Court Watch Yukon Volunteer Training Videos

CWY Volunteer Training Video 1: Introduction to Court Watch Yukon Volunteering

This video provides an overview of why the Court Watch Yukon project exists, statistics in the Yukon, special focus on Indigenous, Immigrant, Refugee, and Racialized women, and the role of Court Watch Yukon volunteers

CWY Volunteer Training Video 2: Who’s Who

This video briefly outlines the roles and responsibilities of crown counsel, defence counsel, Judges, Justice of the Peace, sheriff, RCMP, court clerks, Aboriginal court workers, Crown Witness Coordinators, Victim Services.

CWY Volunteer Training Video 3: Navigating the legal system

This video provides an overview of the process from arrest to bail hearing, the Trial process, including publication bans, testimonial aids, and Rape Shield legislation, the sentencing process, including a brief description of section 718.2e which relates to the use of Gladue Reports

CWY Volunteer Training Video 4: Victim’s Rights

This video provides a brief overview of the Yukon Victims Bill and victims’ rights according the to the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (Rights to Protection, Information, Participation, and Restitution).

CWY Volunteer Training Video 5: Mutualizing and Minimizing Language

This video gives a brief overview of mutualizing and minimizing language, research conducted in relation to the correlation between mutualizing and minimizing language and lighter sentencing, and Examples of mutualizing and minimizing language observed by Court Watch Yukon.

CWY Volunteer Training Video 6: Gladue Reports

This video provides an overview of the story of Jamie Gladue, the over-representation of Indigenous people who are incarcerated in Canada, the section of the criminal code that relates to Gladue Reports.

CWY Volunteer Training Video 7: The Domestic Violence Treatment Option Court

This video gives an overview of the establishment of a DVTO court in Yukon and the court process.

CWY Volunteer Training Video 8: Legal Terms

This video provides an overview of some commonly heard legal terms while volunteers observe in court.

 The videos were made possible by funding from the Community Development Fund and were produced by Jessica Hall Productions.